Join our Reseller Program

You can receive a substantial commission when introducing Bookandlink to new hotel users. Many web designers, business advisors, etc. have been happy to recommend Bookandlink solely based on the benefits it brings to the property owner. With this Reseller Program we hope to extend the benefits to the ones recommending us as well.

We have two different programs, or compensation models; the Referral Program and the Partner Program. Choose the one suit you and your business best.

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    Referral Program

    The BookAndLink Referral Program gives you a commission for all payments made by the referred clients during their first 12 months.

    The referral program suits businesses that wish to receive an immediate revenue boost.

    Partner Program

    Are you ready to start growing your business? Partner with us.

    Our pricing may vary following the number of properties that you managed.

    We can also offer White Label solutions and all the interfaces will be under the name of your Business.