Agoda, which is on the list of the top Online Travel Agents around the world, has released a GoLocal program to trigger the domestic market to start making reservations at all hotels in the Asia Pacific region, including Indonesia. The GoLocal program expects domestic guests to restart tourism in this new normal period. For this reason, GoLocal is intended for all hotels, villas, guest houses, and other types of property to participate in this program.

GoLocal campaigns can help accommodations to reach out and attract tourists in offering affordable hotel. Until now, this program has been followed by thousands of accommodations from several countries. Accommodations in Indonesia which have been listed in Agoda before, are highly expected to participate further. The GoLocal program is intended for accommodation owners to invest in integrated campaigns, starting with coordinated social media, digital and video brand activation, and public relations activities that have set targets, including marketing activities for guests who can book accommodations early.

It’s very easy to do, the accommodation only needs to register their property to GoLocal banner by giving an additional offer. In addition to increasing room bookings, GoLocal will also provide exposures to various Agoda products, a strategic marketing point to maximize the results of this campaign. In addition, this program has a special page, where guests can immediately see your property without the need to queue on hundreds of pages on the main website.

It is time for accommodation to prepare a series of strategies to adapt and receive increased room bookings safely. Current conditions require the hotel to be constantly updated with the situation and information in the property environment for guests, i.e. domestic guests. The domestic market can be referred to as an alternative market that can become the foundation of tourism in Indonesia until the international border reopens. Furthermore, GoLocal can be an opening door for guests to be able to reconnect with their region and culture.

BookandLink as a hospitality software that has become a trusted partner of Agoda also supports the GoLocal program. Our Channel Manager who is connected with Agoda can be used by accommodation managers to join the program. GoLocal 1 Pager