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BookandLink CSR Program: Bringing Innovation and Educational Synergy to Bali

In 2024, BookandLink emerges as a force for innovation and education in Bali. Through partnerships and collaborative efforts, it aims to revolutionize the tourism industry. With a focus on empowering educators and hospitality professionals, BookandLink is on a mission to spread knowledge and opportunities across the island. During a significant meeting with the Denpasar Tourism […]

Driving Hospitality Synergy Event – Maximizing Hotel Revenue Across Thailand

Thailand and Bali, as iconic destinations, exhibit resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity, attracting travelers worldwide with their allure. BookandLink’s success in Bali-Indonesia, born from its vibrant tourism ecosystem, positions it to replicate achievements in Thailand. Understanding the tourism landscape is crucial, considering ASEAN’s historical significance as a guiding light for diverse cultural […]

Redefining Excellence: The Future of Hotel Solutions with BookandLink Cloud Hospitality Software

Step into the future of seamless hotel management with the all-new BookandLink Cloud Hospitality Software. Our recently revealed logo symbolizes a commitment to revolutionizing the hospitality industry, providing exceptional experiences for hotels around the globe. At BookandLink, our mission is clear: to offer the best-in-class solutions that redefine the way hotels operate. Our comprehensive suite […]

BookandLink: Helping Properties Perform Better on Booking.com

BookandLink goal is to guide you seamlessly from property onboarding to that eagerly awaited first booking. With our collective expertise, we’re here to ensure your properties engage on a successful journey with Booking.com. Now is the time to take your property’s reservations to new heights and strengthen your pricing foundation for outstanding business success! Let’s […]

Maximizing Bookings: A Guide to Country and Mobile Rates on Booking.com

Understanding Country Rates Attract travelers from countries and regions you want to target by offering Country Rates. Use Country Rates as part of your pricing strategy to unlock domestic and international demand Country Rates can help you unlock domestic and international demand by offering great prices to travelers in countries you particularly want to target. […]

Hotel Reviews? Meet ReviewKu

In today’s digital age, reviews play a primary role in shaping perceptions about hotel brands and businesses. Keeping track of these reviews can be a challenge, especially when they’re scattered across multiple platforms. With ReviewKu – your comprehensive review management tool designed to simplify and enhance your review-related tasks. All Your Reviews in One Place: […]

BookandLink’s Channel Manager: Powering Hiveroom Properties Across the Philippines

As the hospitality sector constantly shifts and evolves, collaborations and integrations often bring the most transformative changes. BookandLink is thrilled to share our recent partnership with Hiverooms, a renowned player in the Philippine hospitality industry. By leveraging our sophisticated Channel Manager, we aim to enhance the management and distribution of Hiveroom’s growing portfolio of properties. […]

Beyond Borders: Tripla’s Strategic Collaboration with BookandLink to Reshape Asia Hospitality

BookandLink with Tripla Japan, September 2023  Japan’s distinguished hospitality tech leader, Tripla, is set to elevate the hotel industry after strategically partnering with distribution solutions provider BookandLink. This collaborative leap aims to revolutionize the guest experience by weaving together the technological prowess of both firms Tripla, acclaimed for its commitment to innovative solutions, has been […]

9REATNESS in Bali: BookandLink’s Anniversary Blend of Growth, Community, and Joy

Congratulations are in order for BookandLink Hospitality Software, which recently celebrated its 9th anniversary with a spectacular three-day event in Bali, Indonesia, duly themed “9REATNESS” From August 30th to September 1st, 2023, team members from across the region—Thailand, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bali—converged to participate in a series of activities. The celebration kicked off with […]

Connecting BookandLink and OPERA Cloud PMS through Oracle Cloud Marketplace

In the rapidly evolving world of hospitality, technology has emerged as a powerful force, propelling hotels to explore innovative solutions that redefine operations and exceed guest expectations. At Bookandlink, we are excited to unveil the latest advancement in this journey: our official integration with OPERA Cloud via Oracle Cloud Market.   Experience the All-in-One Solution: […]