BookandLink CSR Program: Bringing Innovation and Educational Synergy to Bali

In 2024, BookandLink emerges as a force for innovation and education in Bali. Through partnerships and collaborative efforts, it aims to revolutionize the tourism industry. With a focus on empowering educators and hospitality professionals, BookandLink is on a mission to spread knowledge and opportunities across the island.
During a significant meeting with the Denpasar Tourism Department, BookandLink’s General Manager, Mr. Johannes Marbun, and the Head of Denpasar Tourism, Mrs. Ni Luh Putu Riyastiti, collaborated to establish a partnership focused on bringing digital education initiatives to the forefront of Bali’s tourism industry. Our shared goal is to provide educators and industry professionals with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively utilize Online Hospitality Software, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Building on this momentum, BookandLink extends its efforts to engage with the esteemed members of the Perhimpunan Hotel & Restoran Indonesia Bali (PHRI Bali), led by Executive Director Mr. I.B. Purwa Sidemen. Together, we developed a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program for 2024, dedicated to enhancing educational resources within Bali’s hospitality institutions. The aim is to empower the next generation of hospitality professionals with the skills and expertise needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry.

Continuing its mission, BookandLink forges partnerships with prominent educational institutions like the Institute of Tourism Bali (Institut Pariwisata Bali), aiming to integrate its innovative platform into academic curricula seamlessly. Through participation in events with Hildiktipari, BookandLink seeks to prepare students for success in the digital age and contribute to the advancement of Bali’s educational landscape.

At a seminar hosted by DPD HILDIKTIPARI Bali, BookandLink presents its CSR program, focusing on education. Led by Mr. Ketut Sutapa, the seminar brings together lecturers from multiple tourism universities. This event marks a step towards enhancing the educational landscape in Bali.

In summary, BookandLink’s journey in Bali is characterized by a commitment to collaboration and innovation, with a focus on generating positive changes in both education and tourism. Through strategic partnerships and initiatives, BookandLink aspires to create a brighter future for the positive ecosystem in Bali.