Bookandlink in Collaboration With JournalID – Business Accounting and Bookkeeping Software

In August 2021, BookandLink Hospitality Software together with JurnalID by Mekari collaborated to provide services as well as introduce system products to each other. The BookandLink system, which is equipped with the Front Office System or HotelKu, can be connected to the JurnalID business accounting and bookkeeping software. The integration process, which was completed within one month, makes HotelKu’s features even more complete and works well in combining guest reservation transactions within hotels.

What features can JurnalID do to HotelKu and vice versa? Each incoming guest reservation will indicate the amount and payment method in HotelKu, and the Hotel can choose to send this data to the JurnalID system so that all financial bookkeeping can be managed properly. Although HotelKu currently has simple financial reports that the Hotel Front Office Team can use in managing properties, this collaboration further complements the needs of hotels or other properties in updating business information in real-time, concisely, and can be used from various devices (cloud base system). In addition, the JurnalID software can group various types of transactions automatically, managing reservation cancellations and refunds more easily and safely.

How do I connect HotelKu with JurnalID? When a hotel or other property has subscribed to HotelKu, the manager can log in to the HotelKu dashboard and select the “Journal” banner to get complete information about this connection.

Alternatively, if the hotel has used the Journal, the manager can contact the BookandLink Team and request the integration of the two systems. HotelKu and JurnalID have several advantages such as, hotels can take advantage of the free trial offer and experience using both systems directly, the costs are very affordable and include set up fees, managers can use one dashboard to manage multiple properties or multi-property, and can access both systems anywhere and anytime.


More information can be accessed via BookandLink Website / Jurnal ID by Merkari and