One of BookandLink’s prime products, the Booking Engine which called BookingKu has the function to direct reservations to properties without additional commissions. BookingKu can be used in conjunction with ChannelKu and HotelKu or used as a standalone system. Apart from the 0% commission, BookingKu can also customize the hotel brand identity and also have an interactive display.

BookingKu can now be accessed via the extranet, where all guides can be used to maximize the BookingKu feature. Starting from setting colors, logos, hotel photos, and making various promos available from the accommodation. In addition, the BookingKu Dashboard can provide reservation reports generated through direct reservations and OTA, so management can see room sales comparisons from the two methods. Promo Tools which are a marketing effort have been developed so that hotel management can easily share promotions for guests, including the latest developments, managers can add “Extra Services” on the BookingKu page. Extra Services are used to offer additional services such as Car Rentals, Tours, Spas, and others so that guests can easily fulfill their needs through the Booking Engine platform.

BookingKu is also equipped with Payment Gateways from Doku and Ipay88 which can make it easier for guests to make payments by debit or credit card. In addition, the payment feature is also equipped with an E-Wallet; OVO, Link Aja, and Alfamart Group. Other tools that can be added are social media widgets that guests can directly access when opening BookingKu, this gives guests quick access to make contact with the accommodation.

BookandLink continues to develop all system features in order to meet hotel needs and guests’ comfort so that BookingKu can now also be used as a standalone system and will continue to function optimally. If the accommodation does not yet have an official website, BookingKu can be an alternative for marketing accommodation products and facilities. However, if you already have a website, the BookingKu Widget can easily fit on various CMS websites.

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