Perayaan BookandLink Hospitality Software 8th Anniversary

18 September 2022, BookandLink menginjak usia 8 tahun. Pada perayaannya, seluruh Tim BookandLink mengadakan kegiatan Staff Outing yang berlangsung di area Ubud, Bali. Peringatan 8 tahun ini, bagi BookandLink merupakan angka yang melambangkan inovasi, pertumbuhan dan kepercayaan yang telah didapat dari seluruh Partner dan Klien. Melihat kembali pada tahun 2014, BookandLink memulai konektivitas hanya dengan beberapa properti yang tergolong memiliki kamar sedikit. Berlanjut ke tahun berikutnya, BookandLink mulai menambahkan integrasi dengan banyak Online Travel Agents Domestik dan Internasional untuk memperbanyak klien properti. Hingga pada tahun 2018, BookandLink memiliki Tim Support untuk membantu proses konektivitas dan menjaga relasi dengan klien. Tahun demi tahun membuat BookandLink menjadi perusahaan yang terus berusaha menjadi “matang”, baik dari segi produk dan layanan, maupun tim internalnya.

Tidak terasa di tahun ke-8, BookandLink telah memiliki beberapa Tim Divisi yang semakin solid untuk memberikan solusi terbaik terhadap klien dan partner. Pengembangan produk yang terus dihadirkan BookandLink diharapkan dapat meningkatkan kualitas kepercayaan klien dan seluruh penggiat perhotelan untuk dapat memecahkan permasalahan seputar distribusi kamar dan mengoptimalkan revenue properti. Sekali lagi, selamat hari jadi BookandLink Hospitality Software.

PayKu Payments – The Benefits of Hotel Pre-authorisations 

BookandLink has launched a payment feature, called PayKu Payments. Hotels can pre-authorize a guest’s cards in order to hold a sum of money for numerous reasons. When a pre-authorization occurs, this essentially means that the guest’s card issuer will enable the hotel to create a temporary charge to hold these funds, typically for seven days.

There are a few reasons why a hotel will want to place a pre-authorization on a guest’s card when staying at their hotel:

  1. Holding a sum of money for a security deposit, just in case the hotel must charge the guest for damage upon checkout
  2. Reserving a spot for an excursion or different on-site experiences (e.g. spa treatments, etc.)
  3. Ensuring the hotel is able to debit a no-show as stated within their terms & conditions
  4. Charges for room service or bar tabs and also covering the cost of the guest’s stay

The Benefit of Pre-authorisations for Hoteliers

Enabling your hotel to pre-authorize your guests with Payku can save and generate revenue for your hotel when aligned with the hotel’s booking terms and conditions. As long as the pre-authorizations are stated within the booking terms and conditions, the hotel can create pre-authorizations for a range of scenarios, such as:

  • Pre-authorizing a guest’s card before their excursion or tour in order to ensure that the guest will show up to the tour, otherwise, their card will be charged
  • Holding funds on a guest’s card before their arrival, for the first night of their stay can encourage the guest to comply with the booking terms and conditions
  • For the instances where the guest has room service charges during their stay, pre-authorizations can be handy. This will offer the security to verify the guest has the means of funds in their account before providing a service.


With PayKu, hotels are even able to create partial pre-authorizations. This means that if a guest’s card is pre-authorized for $100 and ends up breaking something in the room, they can retrieve a partial amount of the $100. The repair may cost a total of $49.99; with Payku, the hotel is allowed to partially pre-authorize and charge the guest that $49.99 without having to charge the whole amount of $100.


If you’d like to learn more about pre-authorizations or the other many benefits of BookandLink’s payment feature, Payku, please contact

PayKu is powered by Kovena, the world’s first hotel-only payments solution.

BookandLink Seminar & Iftar 2022 with Hotel Partners in Bali

Since 2020, many collaboration activities cannot be carried out due to the pandemic. However, entering 2022 with better conditions drives BookandLink to meet directly with clients who have been trusting BookandLink. This event, which was held for the first time, was formed in a seminar and iftar. The event which took place at the Kamaniiya Petitenget Hotel on April 28, 2022, also invited various audiences from many hotels, villas, and hospitality management.


Entering the seminar session, the BookandLink Team presented various information, including; the introduction of the BookandLink system as the only Channel Manager in Indonesia. Followed by the launch of the latest product; PayKu Payments. This topic has attracted a lot of attention from the audience, where the EDC machine can now be replaced by cloud-based software. PayKu Payments is one of the highlights of the event because it can charge even though the guest’s card and physical presence are not directly at the property.

The Founder and CEO of BookandLink, Philippe Raunett also shared information about the advantages of the BookandLink system in Indonesia. Some of these advantages can be seen from the main BookandLink product which is equipped with a Front Office System that functions as a semi-Property Management System (PMS) which is integrated with the Channel Manager and Booking Engine. Coupled with the latest product, Payku Payments, this makes it easier for properties to accept payments from many reservation sources, so properties don’t have to worry when guests don’t show up.

After the presentation from the BookandLink Team, the existing partner also shared their experiences when connected to the BookandLink system. Followed by a question-answer session and open together / Iftar. The event which lasted for 120 minutes had a warm atmosphere and created a sense of optimism about the improving pandemic situation.

Throughout the event, BookandLink also featured the latest video profile, which can also be viewed on Youtube:BookandLink Video.

Hotel Marketing Strategy for 2022: Make Good Use of Technological Advances

Entering 2022, hotels must evaluate the changes that are taking place around the world. During the pandemic that has lasted for approximately 2 years, the use of technology in the hospitality industry continues to be driven. Although today’s technology puts forward the concept of “touchless”, automated processes, and all-in-one services, this makes the relationships built with guests feel closer and more valuable. Why?

The trend of guests to do staycations or short trips between cities is increasing during the pandemic. The need for a different holiday atmosphere but still safe is needed by everyone during the pandemic. For this reason, hotel industry activists must look at all aspects of maintaining guest relations by using technology properly.

  • Direct bookings for rooms and hotel facilities 

The habit of guests before their stay is to look for hotel references through Online Travel Agents (OTA) or aggregator services. Hotels are also required to manage room rates well in order to remain competitive, starting from using a channel manager as a distribution system, to making various promos on OTA. In addition, the obligation to reply to reviews on various OTAs must also be kept in order to maintain the trust of guests. However, to increase revenue not only through OTA but through direct orders. Hotels can direct room sales via booking engines. In addition to minimizing high commission payments, direct bookings can build guest loyalty to hotels in the future.

  • Take advantage of social media and be more creative.

The social media used by guests today is not only the Facebook platform but Instagram and Tiktok which can give the impression of the guest experience while staying. On Instagram and Tiktok, both hotels and guests can make short videos or interesting reviews of their stay experience, the angle of the beautiful building, to the impression of the facilities used. The hotel can tell the atmosphere around the hotel is located which encourages and convinces guests to stay at your hotel right away!.

  • Automatic Email Campaign & Chatbot

While Email Blast is an old marketing method, it is still quite effective at enticing guests to stay at a hotel. By collecting guest databases through a CRM or PMS, hotels can send regular stay or restaurant promo emails to guests.

The website owned by the hotel must also be used optimally. In addition to directing direct reservations, the website is currently also supported by chatbots to serve guests 24/7. The hotel can communicate personally and intensely regarding the needs of guests.

  • Loyalty Program/Membership

The Loyalty Program is something that has been around for a long time. However, in 2022, this could be a hotel marketing ploy to invite more guests to its hotel chain. This program can manage the hotel’s relationship with guests and can continue to offer the “right” guests. Hotels can give points to guests, and guests can use them as rewards while staying. This will attract guests to become loyal customers of your hotel, and can even recommend others to stay.

  • Delivering a memorable experience

Direct booking of rooms, currently has to be developed by offering in-stay experiences. Not only staying at the hotel, but guests can order various other facilities, such as going on a nature trip, tasting, or making amazing foods. You can display this on website pages and hotel booking engines.

  • SEO Hotels

SEO is still growing in 2022, including its use in hotels. One of them is the development carried out by Google through the Google Free Booking Link which helps hotels that have websites and booking engines to find out insights and trends in hospitality marketing.

  • Metaverse, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality

Even though the Metaverse has not yet been implemented in 2022, it doesn’t hurt hotels to keep up with this trend. Seeing that currently, several hotels in the world are using QRCodes to invite guests to view and choose the desired room, it is possible that many things that are done with advanced technology can further increase hotel room reservations.

During the 2 years of the pandemic, technology trends in marketing activities felt very advanced and interesting in building engagement with their target audience. Many hotels use advertising tools, social media, hospitality software, and other ways to keep providing updates about their properties. If this is used properly and maximally, of course, when the pandemic situation improves, technological advances will become a priority tool in marketing activities.


Now Available: BookandLink New Interface!

BookandLink Hospitality Software completes the new year’s turn of the year by updating the interfaces of the Channel Manager (ChannelKu), Booking Engine (BookingKu), and Front Office System (HotelKu). This new interface aims to clarify the function of each product, including the visibility of each feature to users or hotel managers. This upgrade also adds several features that can improve the use of BookandLink Hospitality Software, such as on the dashboard – ChannelKu:

ChannelKu are equipped with Monthly Deals, Yearly Deals for rate plan settings, Control Panel, Connected Channels, Rate Multiplier, Room Allocation, iCalendar, Reports, Connect Request, Full Synchro Auto, and Logs. Next is HotelKu, which has additional features in it:

In addition to viewing the booking chart, HotelKu has also received the addition of “Other Partners” to view the list of BookandLink collaborations with various Property Management System (PMS) options and there is a “Back Office System” which functions to open integration with back-office system partners, namely Jurnal by Mekari. This integration is in great demand by some BookandLink clients who want to have financial reports and business books that are neatly organized and automated with reservation reports from BookandLink Hospitality Software. If you are interested in integrating BookandLink with Jurnal by Mekari, there will be no charge.

Upselling other facilities in the property? BookingKu is the right product to use in optimizing property revenue.

The choice of each feature in BookingKu can be used according to the property’s needs. Starting from the choice of widgets in the dashboard, setting promo codes in BookingKu, to requesting connectivity with the BookandLink payment gateway. This Payment Gateway feature will make it easier for hotels to make online transactions, both debit transfers, and credit cards.

This system update view can already be used on the extranet of all registered properties. The presence of the new interface on the BookandLink system can be tested for free for 30 days for all new properties in Indonesia by making further requests via

Bali Tourism Will Open in Mid-October 2021? Let’s Distribute Rooms Well!

After passing the Indonesia large-social restrictions period, several regions in Indonesia began to open their territories to welcome domestic tourists. Not long ago, the government also relaxed restrictions on tiered activities by opening travel activities through the airport for international arrivals. This was conveyed by the government seeing a decrease in the number of Covid cases in the Java-Bali region and other regions in Indonesia. Bali, become the area that will be opened to international arrivals in mid-October. Senior Cabinet Minister, Luhut Pandjaitan said tourists must be quarantined for 5 days upon arrival at their own expense.

It is planned that I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport on October 14 will open arrivals for several countries, including South Korea, China, Japan, UAE, and New Zealand. Whereas previously it was known that Indonesia was one of the countries with the highest Covid-19 cases in the Southeast Asia region, and had encountered the issue of refusing the arrival of Indonesian citizens to various countries. However, since the number of cases has decreased, the Indonesian government is actively evaluating tourism policies that have an impact on the economy in several regions.

This is good news for all Indonesian citizens, where people who have jobs in the tourism sector feel “revived”. Through this positive response, BookandLink as a hotel system provider also feels an increase in bookings that occur in various types of accommodation. As of October 5, 2021, BookandLink found 1,034 reservations for the Bali region, where this occurred on weekdays and exceeded the average increase in the previous months. In addition, colleagues in the hospitality industry also responded that currently hotel bookings are still fairly good and the best source of bookings still comes from Domestic Online Travel Agencies. As can be seen from the following table:

Source: BookandLink Linkedin

This shows that domestic tourists still rely on room searches through Online Travel Agents. This data can also indicate that OTA searches will continue to increase. When the door to Indonesia-Bali tourism, in particular, will be opened, hotels and other accommodations must also be more aggressive in maximizing room distribution. The right solution for accommodation managers is the use of Channel Manager (CM) as a room distribution system. In addition, the Channel Manager can also minimize overbooking during the peak season which is likely to occur at the end of 2021.

Many features are available in Channel Manager. In addition to managing availability and prices, Channel Manager BookandLink (ChannelKu) is also equipped with Customer Relations Management, where the hotel can manage guest databases and send questionnaires to find out special requests from guests. An equally important feature is dynamic pricing, where accommodation managers can manage room rate fluctuations automatically based on occupancy and room availability. Interesting right? Various ways can be done optimally to welcome the opening of tourism in Bali and other parts of Indonesia. In addition to good accommodation management, guests will certainly be satisfied with the service, security, and comfort of accommodation during the current pandemic.

Source:, /bali-reopening-when-will-bali-open-borders/, &


Bookandlink in Collaboration With JournalID – Business Accounting and Bookkeeping Software

In August 2021, BookandLink Hospitality Software together with JurnalID by Mekari collaborated to provide services as well as introduce system products to each other. The BookandLink system, which is equipped with the Front Office System or HotelKu, can be connected to the JurnalID business accounting and bookkeeping software. The integration process, which was completed within one month, makes HotelKu’s features even more complete and works well in combining guest reservation transactions within hotels.

What features can JurnalID do to HotelKu and vice versa? Each incoming guest reservation will indicate the amount and payment method in HotelKu, and the Hotel can choose to send this data to the JurnalID system so that all financial bookkeeping can be managed properly. Although HotelKu currently has simple financial reports that the Hotel Front Office Team can use in managing properties, this collaboration further complements the needs of hotels or other properties in updating business information in real-time, concisely, and can be used from various devices (cloud base system). In addition, the JurnalID software can group various types of transactions automatically, managing reservation cancellations and refunds more easily and safely.

How do I connect HotelKu with JurnalID? When a hotel or other property has subscribed to HotelKu, the manager can log in to the HotelKu dashboard and select the “Journal” banner to get complete information about this connection.

Alternatively, if the hotel has used the Journal, the manager can contact the BookandLink Team and request the integration of the two systems. HotelKu and JurnalID have several advantages such as, hotels can take advantage of the free trial offer and experience using both systems directly, the costs are very affordable and include set up fees, managers can use one dashboard to manage multiple properties or multi-property, and can access both systems anywhere and anytime.


More information can be accessed via BookandLink Website / Jurnal ID by Merkari and



Payment gateway is a transaction medium that authorizes online payment processes, such as credit cards, bank transfers, direct debits to e-wallet. BookandLink, which provides a Booking Engine system for direct reservations to hotels, also includes a payment gateway service in it. Every guest who makes a reservation via the website or booking engine will be easier to make transactions with many choices and hotels can make sales in various ways. To meet the needs of hotels in transactions, BookandLink has provided BookandLink Payment Gateway services, where hotels can use them directly without making the account or payment gateway account.

In addition, BookandLink makes it easy for all BNL Payment Gateway users to see the amount of money coming in and process funds withdrawals through a special panel that has been provided. If you want to use the BookandLink Payment Gateway, the hotel manager simply processes the request via email and the team will inform you of very affordable administrative fees for each transaction. After being processed and confirmed, the hotel manager can immediately take advantage of this program. Currently, BookandLink Payment Gateway can accommodate debit payments to credit card transactions from abroad.

Seeing the complex needs of hotels for Payment Gateways, BookingKu also provides several choices of Payment Gateway brands, including DOKU, Faspay, iPay88, Paypal, and most recently Xendit. Some of these Payment Gateways are already connected to BookingKu. Hotels only need to request via email, and the BookandLink team will survey confirming. In addition, the increasing interest of domestic guests in room reservations and the cashless situation has also become a concern for BookandLink to add an e-wallet option in it. Guests will be able to make payments via OVO, LinkAja, and Alfamart Group. More details about the cost and details of this connection can be found via email at


BookandLink is excited to announce that the integration process has officially completed with Airbnb. Real-time room distribution can be done by property owners to get more guest reservations and a wider reach.

This collaboration allows the property manager or “hosts” to manage room availability and rates more easily through the BookandLink Channel Manager. Airbnb makes it easy for property managers to register an unlimited number of room types, allowing “hosts” to get many benefits and meet guest needs in finding the right place to stay.

Airbnb, which is an online travel agent for vacation rentals, has some criteria applied to properties; villas or B&B including hotels with multiple inventories. For properties that have been connected to the BookandLink Channel Manager or not yet connected who want to register their properties, it is recommended to revisit or have further discussions with the BookandLink Hospitality Software Team to fulfill the property listing requirements from Airbnb.

BookandLink Hospitality Software has connected more than 1100 properties (data until June 2021) to many domestic and international channels. Channel Manager BookandLink opens opportunities for hotel managers to effectively and efficiently maximize property revenue. More details about the collaborations between BookandLink and Airbnb can be seen in the webinar “Airbnb; Optimizing for Growth in Indonesia through Covid-19 Recovery” on July 14, 2021, 14.00-15.00 WIB. Free registration can be accessed via and get free use of Channel Manager from BookandLink!

Google Hotels; A New Way to Increase Revenue Through Direct Reservations

BookandLink has become a partner of Google Hotels for Booking Engine (BookingKu) users. This collaboration was developed in order to make it easier for hotel owners to manage room and maintain the Rate Parity which is taken through the hotel’s official website and can be compared with prices that appear from various sales channels. Interestingly, this product can drive more traffic and guests to make reservations directly through the hotel website itself. This of course can increase the hotel revenue. Google Hotel is now accessible to all hotel owners who have used the Booking Engine (BookingKu).

This new Google product provides many advantages for hotels, which indirectly increases the hotel marketing as well as the rate and inventory of hotel rooms more clearly visible. When the hotel has made arrangements in Google Hotels, BookandLink will immediately push the rates and room availability in real time. Only by having a Google Business account, hotel owners can operate it for free. This feature from Google can make a big difference to hotel room sales because it is taken from the official website or hotel booking engine without being charged a commission fee and guest searches for hotels can continue to increase.

To be listed on Google Hotel is very easy, the hotel only needs to register and manage property details; property name, contact number, official website, address, city, and zip code in Google Business, making it easier for owners to use Google Hotels. Don’t forget to check the source and tax & services on the reservation sourced from the Booking Engine. The process is simple and fast because it only takes a maximum of 1×24 hours for the hotel price to be listed on the Google Hotels page.