Google Travel Insight and how Bookandlink can help your hotel

Google came to the help of the struggling travel industry near the end of 2020 with valuable insights that reveal the riddles of travel demand. Google Travel Insights has been a go-to resource for intelligent hotel marketers looking to study guest behaviour patterns and trends to inform their strategy since its beginnings. We will share what’s new on Google and how it can improve your hotel business.

Components of Google Travel Insights
Google Travel Insights offers a variety of tools, data sets, and insights for individuals working in the travel and tourism business. Currently, these services are separated into three major components, which are as follows:

Google Travel Hotel Insights
The Google Travel component Hotel Insights focuses solely on accommodation. It uses data acquired from hotel queries that Google users input to deliver critical information to hotels.

Hotel owners and marketing specialists, in particular, can find more about the travellers who conduct searches suggesting an interest in a specific travel industry. This insight enables hotels to optimise their marketing approach and direct their spending and efforts toward the travellers most likely to stay with them.

This type of hotel insight will primarily appeal to hotel proprietors. The information and tools offered are also valuable for people in other areas of the travel or hospitality industry.


Google Travel’s Destination Insights
The Destination Insights by Google Travel component, as the name suggests, focuses on global destinations. On the most basic level, this refers to many countries worldwide. However, inside each country, the service provides a breakdown of the specific towns, cities, and areas visitors are most interested in visiting.

This component provides essential data on current and historical demand levels for travel to specific destinations worldwide and information on where that demand originates. To give this, Google considers domestic and international travel and information on flights, hotel bookings, and searches.

As a result, this component benefits any travel company with connections to a specific destination. It also enables people and businesses to compare demand for their local destinations to previous years.

Google Analytics for Travel
Finally, unlike the other two components, the Google Travel Analytics Center is only accessible to Google business travel partners such as Bookandlink. This tool covers Enterprise partners and other comparable organisations.

The essential advantage of the Analytics Center is the ability to input your data and then mix it with Google’s unique insights. The application lets you quickly compare your performance across the numerous Google travel platforms.

As a result, it’s an excellent service for tracking your marketing effectiveness, understanding how that performance relates to broader industry trends, and then using that information to make more strategic business decisions.

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