Hotel Marketing Strategy for 2022: Make Good Use of Technological Advances

Entering 2022, hotels must evaluate the changes that are taking place around the world. During the pandemic that has lasted for approximately 2 years, the use of technology in the hospitality industry continues to be driven. Although today’s technology puts forward the concept of “touchless”, automated processes, and all-in-one services, this makes the relationships built with guests feel closer and more valuable. Why?

The trend of guests to do staycations or short trips between cities is increasing during the pandemic. The need for a different holiday atmosphere but still safe is needed by everyone during the pandemic. For this reason, hotel industry activists must look at all aspects of maintaining guest relations by using technology properly.

  • Direct bookings for rooms and hotel facilities 

The habit of guests before their stay is to look for hotel references through Online Travel Agents (OTA) or aggregator services. Hotels are also required to manage room rates well in order to remain competitive, starting from using a channel manager as a distribution system, to making various promos on OTA. In addition, the obligation to reply to reviews on various OTAs must also be kept in order to maintain the trust of guests. However, to increase revenue not only through OTA but through direct orders. Hotels can direct room sales via booking engines. In addition to minimizing high commission payments, direct bookings can build guest loyalty to hotels in the future.

  • Take advantage of social media and be more creative.

The social media used by guests today is not only the Facebook platform but Instagram and Tiktok which can give the impression of the guest experience while staying. On Instagram and Tiktok, both hotels and guests can make short videos or interesting reviews of their stay experience, the angle of the beautiful building, to the impression of the facilities used. The hotel can tell the atmosphere around the hotel is located which encourages and convinces guests to stay at your hotel right away!.

  • Automatic Email Campaign & Chatbot

While Email Blast is an old marketing method, it is still quite effective at enticing guests to stay at a hotel. By collecting guest databases through a CRM or PMS, hotels can send regular stay or restaurant promo emails to guests.

The website owned by the hotel must also be used optimally. In addition to directing direct reservations, the website is currently also supported by chatbots to serve guests 24/7. The hotel can communicate personally and intensely regarding the needs of guests.

  • Loyalty Program/Membership

The Loyalty Program is something that has been around for a long time. However, in 2022, this could be a hotel marketing ploy to invite more guests to its hotel chain. This program can manage the hotel’s relationship with guests and can continue to offer the “right” guests. Hotels can give points to guests, and guests can use them as rewards while staying. This will attract guests to become loyal customers of your hotel, and can even recommend others to stay.

  • Delivering a memorable experience

Direct booking of rooms, currently has to be developed by offering in-stay experiences. Not only staying at the hotel, but guests can order various other facilities, such as going on a nature trip, tasting, or making amazing foods. You can display this on website pages and hotel booking engines.

  • SEO Hotels

SEO is still growing in 2022, including its use in hotels. One of them is the development carried out by Google through the Google Free Booking Link which helps hotels that have websites and booking engines to find out insights and trends in hospitality marketing.

  • Metaverse, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality

Even though the Metaverse has not yet been implemented in 2022, it doesn’t hurt hotels to keep up with this trend. Seeing that currently, several hotels in the world are using QRCodes to invite guests to view and choose the desired room, it is possible that many things that are done with advanced technology can further increase hotel room reservations.

During the 2 years of the pandemic, technology trends in marketing activities felt very advanced and interesting in building engagement with their target audience. Many hotels use advertising tools, social media, hospitality software, and other ways to keep providing updates about their properties. If this is used properly and maximally, of course, when the pandemic situation improves, technological advances will become a priority tool in marketing activities.