HOTEL SYSTEM: Front Office System or Property Management System?

As a hotelier, we are familiar with the Front Office System (FOS). Front Office System is a very essential investment and priority for hotel operations as this can make reservations, link the reservation calendar, manage check-in / out, housekeeping, and create financial reports of room bookings.

The complete features of the Front Office System BookandLink or HotelKu have a variety of features that can assist hotel operations, such as the reservation calendar which is useful for viewing details of daily reservations that come via direct booking or Walk-ins, which can help the Front Office division manage guest check-in/out, also connects reservations coming from the Online Travel Agent via Channel Manager.

Reservation Calendar HotelKu

Agent Settings which can be used to view a list of cooperation with agents, Email Automation which can be used to find out special requests from guests or convey important information related to guest arrivals. HotelKu has also been equipped with Reports that can be converted into Excel format so that hotels can easily analyze revenue.

Report – HotelKu

HotelKu has a Logs feature as a display of the history of changes that have occurred in the system, there is a Jurnal feature as a simple financial report that can see the amount of incoming money that can be set within a certain period. In addition to financial reports,

Jurnal/Accounting – HotelKu

HotelKu also provides a Housekeeping module which is used to view the status of the room’s condition, so that the operational team is easier to coordinate to support guests’ comfort with maximum service.

Housekeeping – HotelKu

Front Office System is a hotel system that must be available in every hotel as hotels can manage all hotel services and operations from day to day. HotelKu can also include multi-properties so that managers can easily monitor the state of each property.

When compared to a Property Management System which is equipped with all fully automatic modules, the Front Office System or HotelKu is also not inferior in features, it’s just that you still have to make manual changes, but at an affordable price, HotelKu can be an alternative hotel or small to medium scale property with max. 100 rooms.

Hotel systems such as HotelKu can be an investment for hotel managers. With an affordable subscription fee, hotels will get a complete and easy-to-use module. No need to worry if you have never used a Front Office System before, the BookandLink Hospitality Software Team will help with the usage process. Get a Free Subscription promo for 30 days by sending an email request to