Hotelier Insight – The Right Channel Manager for Your Hotel

At the end of 2022, we asked some of our long-term villa management companies, hotel owners, and managers who had been with us for at least five years about their consideration of using our hotel channel manager. They share honest points of view about why they think Bookandlink is the right software for their hotel.

Local Support

Our partners say they chose BookandLink because the support team is available between GMT +7 and +8. Local support helps many Indonesian hoteliers continuously throughout the week.


According to one of the Portuguese hotel owners:
“It’s my team in Bali that operates the Bookandlink system; I think it will be great if there’s a channel manager with Indonesian support who can communicate in Indonesian and make my team understand the system very well.”

One of our Australian hotel managers said:
“It’s straightforward to understand because the support staff can speak English and Indonesian. They can also come to your property if needed. I’m using the channel managers from my country, but the support doesn’t help.”

Bookandlink has a rich tech partner network and integrations.

We visited two of our most prominent clients’ offices in Jakarta. They are using Bookandlink because of the rich two-way connection with the property management system that they are using. Especially for ChannelKu, the managers loved it because it was significant for handling multiple properties. They discovered that ChannelKu could work with different local property management software.

Our chain hotel clients said:
“We are using different property management software for 32 of our hotels. However, using ChannelKu from Bookandlink helped us integrate them into one single platform. Previously, we were using channel managers from India, which was a hassle because they were not fully connected to the systems management or hotel owners use.”

Cost-efficient and value for money

Bookandlink’s team visited one of Bali’s largest villa management companies during the awarding event. They take care of more than 50 private villas in Bali and are challenging Bookandlink to connect platforms for vacation rentals. They chose Bookandlink for the onboarding and offboarding process after giving it a lot of thought and comparing it to other service providers. After all, vacation rentals require business flexibility.


The directors said to us:
“We choose Bookandlink because of their flexibility about pricing, which helps the management and vacation rental owners join with many online travel agents and vacation rental platforms.”

Robust reporting module.

The services provided by Bookandlink are not limited to the property. Several independent hotel revenue management companies choose to use Bookandlink. They rely on Bookandlink’s reporting to decide whether to change the rates. They love our “Dynamic Pricing” and “Rate Shopper,” which can reduce time and make yield management more efficient.

What did they say about Bookandlink?
We use Bookandlink because it has a robust reporting module for us to make decisions about when to change price and able to see the surrounding market condition.