How can my hotel charge credit card via online? – Introducing PayKu v2

A credit card is a standard payment method for OTAs (, Expedia, Agoda, and many more) and internet booking engines. The hotel should be able to receive the credit card through online booking. The challenge is that online booking with credit card details is a “card-not-present” situation, which in the financial industry, is a big no.


Especially in Indonesia, most of the bank’s physical EDC (electronic data capture) machines can’t accept “card-not-present.” Therefore, we would like to introduce PayKu v2. In this post, we’ll talk about credit cards and online payments. We will show you how PayKu v2 can charge VCC as quickly as clicking one button.

For the first introduction, we want to share knowledge of two types of credit cards used for online hotel bookings. The first is a virtual credit card, and the second is a regular credit card. We’ll go into quick detail about these two cards and what PayKu v2 can do.


A virtual credit card is a non-physical card already topped off with a fixed amount and will be activated on a specific date. In terms of the hospitality business, OTA receives payment from the guest. Then OTA will issue the virtual credit card to the hotel. In most cases, VCC activates on the check-in date.


With PayKu v2, when a booking comes from the OTA and uses VCC for the payment, ChannelKu will capture the card details and put them in the reservation details. To process the payment, the hotel only needs to click the “Charge” button on the check-in date.

What about the regular credit card? FYI, some OTAs forward their guests’ credit cards to the hotel. This is a challenging situation. If a hotel charges a guest’s credit card for a non-refundable booking, the guest can refuse and dispute the charge. This process is called a chargeback. Chargebacks usually affect the hotel account’s credibility in financial transactions.


PayKu v2 is providing a solution for this matter. PayKu’s “Payment Link” can be sent to the guest. Then the guests need to complete the payment. Then, with the newest technology, PayKu will “tokenize” the credit card information so the hotel can charge the card upon check-in and during their stay. The hotel can also pre-authorize the credit card to verify the card. Subscribe and get our latest information directly to your inbox.

If you are using BookingKu as the internet booking engine at your hotel, it’ll be more convenient to use PayKu v2. All card details will be automatically registered and charged upon booking confirmation. BookingKu is not only designed for credit cards but also to fit the Indonesian market. In Indonesia itself, credit cards are a bit rare to use. Of all global payments in Indonesia, credit cards account for only 3%. Bank transfers dominate the online payment methods in Indonesia; bank transfers are usually done via virtual accounts. Other popular online payment channels in Indonesia are e-wallets and debit cards.

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