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[Hotelier Insight] – Most Popular Online Booking Channel

We recently interviewed one of our hotel partners, who is effectively utilizing all of our connectivity provider partners to boost bookings for their hotel. We are inquiring about the best practices, the challenges faced, and how Bookandlink can provide a solution. Real-time customer engagement is a crucial element for a successful distribution strategy. Online travel […]

How Hotel Can Rank Better in Online Travel Agent

The online travel agent (OTA) industry has revolutionized how people book accommodations, becoming a highly competitive space for hoteliers. As a hotelier, you want to ensure your property ranks as high as possible on OTA search results pages. Here are some tips on how to rank better in OTA searches and increase your hotel’s online […]

Bookandlink Selected as Premier Connectivity Partner 2023 by Booking.com

Booking.com has named Bookandlink, a prominent hotel technology company, a premier connectivity partner for 2023. This distinguished relationship will allow hotels worldwide to connect seamlessly to Booking.com’s massive network of travelers, driving more bookings and increasing income. With over 28 million listings and 1.5 million room nights booked daily, Booking.com is one of the world’s […]

Rate Plan Hacks That Hotelier Need To Know

What is the Rate Plan? Booking.com says a rate plan is a label or category that organizes prices. An example is the non-refundable rate. Rate relation or derived rate plan: A rate relation, or derived rate plan, is a rate plan that acts as a child to a specific parent rate plan and can follow […]

Early Bird Promotion and Why Hotels Need It

Introduction Hotels need to create an early bird promotion to engage with customers. With early bird promotion, hotels can generate revenue faster up front. Why Hotel Need It? Early bird promotion is a marketing strategy used to attract customers. It is a discounted rate that enables customers to book rooms at a reduced price, usually […]

Do My Hotel Need Channel Manager?

Introduction Hotel owners and operators are faced with more challenges than ever before. How do you manage staff, marketing and revenue in a successful hotel business? If you’re wondering how much a channel manager can help your business, here are some reasons why they should be considered: Channel manager is software that allows hotels to […]

7 Hotel Pricing Strategy That You Can Use

The right pricing strategy can help a business attract new customers and increase revenue in the competitive hotel industry. Whether you run a motel or a five-star resort, you can use various pricing strategies to boost occupancy and profits. We share with you seven techniques you can apply to your hotel below. Dynamic pricing The […]

The Advantages of Hotel Direct Booking Introduction

Nowadays, most hotels have websites, social media accounts, and online booking systems. These have given hotels the self-assurance they require to market to clients and even offer clients incentives to book directly through the hotel’s website. When trying to fill empty rooms in your hotel, having guests book directly with you can be better than […]

Hotelier Insight: How Hotel Can Generate Extras Revenue

The holiday season is the most critical time of year for tourism in Indonesia. Most domestic travellers take advantage of religious vacations to carry out their travel plans. Simply put, we went to a few hotels and asked them how they were getting ready for the holidays.   Package The majority of hotels believe that […]

Google Travel Insight and how Bookandlink can help your hotel

Google came to the help of the struggling travel industry near the end of 2020 with valuable insights that reveal the riddles of travel demand. Google Travel Insights has been a go-to resource for intelligent hotel marketers looking to study guest behaviour patterns and trends to inform their strategy since its beginnings. We will share […]