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Complete Guide For Booking.Com Auto Replenish Feature

Some might have an overbooked case from Booking.com if you are a hotelier. This blog will give you a complete guide about the Auto-Replenish feature on Booking.com.

Effective April 2020, Booking.com introduced an auto-replenishment feature. It immediately puts cancelled spaces back up for sale on Booking.com without waiting for an inventory update from

Booking.com has made this feature a default function to increase bookings and revenue, as you pay a commission on each of their reservations. All Connectivity Partners of Booking.com (including Channelku) cannot disable this from the channel manager’s system side. It’s stated on Booking.com’s official connectivity partners support page here.

Our team found several cases where hotels didn’t become aware of this feature, leading to an overbooking situation in their hotels. This guide will help you how to turn off the Auto-Replenish feature.

To understand there are two types of auto-replenishment features. Please check which auto-replenishment part applies to your hotel with your Market Manager or Booking.com Partner Support. We share the details about the Auto-Replenish definition below:

  • The general auto-replenishment feature is enabled by default for all Booking.com properties and cannot be disabled. When a cancellation occurs through Booking.com, the room is automatically resold to give the property another chance to resell it.
  • The auto-replenishment on closed rooms is a property-level function that can be turned off; however, the overall auto-replenishment for Booking.com cancellations will remain active. Deactivating this feature implies that even if there are cancellations, the room/date will not be auto-replenished if it is closed in red (stop sell).

How to check and turn off your hotel Auto-Replenishment Feature:

  • Go to Rates & Availability and select Calendar.

  • Click the three vertical dots on your right screen calendar and click “Auto-replenishment.”


  • Select “No” to turn off your Auto-Replenishment feature.

What is the solution for Auto-Replenishment?

As we quote from the Booking.com Portal Connectivity pages:

Unfortunately, there’s no clear way of identifying this. However, you can get a good idea by looking at recently modified and cancelled reservations.

If a property suspects that an overbooking has occurred, we recommend checking if a modification or cancellation was made between the moment the booking was made and the previous availability update. If there was a change in that middle period, it’s probable that the overbooking was caused by auto-replenishment.

Rooms are not auto-replenished if they’re cancelled because of an overbooking. For an overbooking to be registered in the system – and auto-replenishment to be temporarily suspended – the property needs to notify Booking.com’s Customer Service department.



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