Minimize The Impact of Cancellations To Face The Recovery Phase

The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 really made the hotel sector declined dramatically in the last few months. There are large-scale social restrictions that make hotel owners from doing much about sales. However, at times like this we can still do various ways to reduce the impact of canceling bookings and applying effective ways to be ready for the future.

Optimization of Digital Marketing and Social Media

Digital marketing is needed as an important hotel brand development during a pandemic. Despite the crisis, content marketing is made interesting and consistent, which can make guests who have stayed or will stay always remember your hotel brand. Coupled with interactions on social media, it can also increase awareness and engagement with guests.

Adjusting Prices Rather Than Lowering Them

It’s okay to reduce prices, as long as the prices are competitive. Dramatically reducing prices is not the solution, but it will have a negative impact after the crisis. Price adjustments can be made by giving free room upgrades and can be flexible for cancellations and changes desired by guests at no additional cost.

Targeting Local Markets

When starting the recovery, hotels in some countries are still unable to receive guests from abroad. Although it is not yet known when the pandemic will end, hotels and other properties need to prepare marketing strategies for domestic targets. This can be done by creating digital marketing content that can direct the domestic market to access the hotel website and provide special treatment for domestic guests.


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