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The hotel system is one of the complex environments that require meticulous attention. Hoteliers need to consider the connectivity of each software they use and understand to unleash the maximum potential of the software they subscribe to. As a solution, each software should be able to connect seamlessly and operate autonomously to ease the burden of hoteliers.

PayKu itself integrate with ChannelKu, BookingKu and HotelKu by Bookandlink. These three products have already proven to help thousands of hotels increase their booking for direct and online travel agents. Let’s get into the details for all solutions by Bookandlink.

Channelku – A Comprehensive Channel Manager

Bookandlink ChannelKu

ChannelKu is a channel manager hospitality solution from Bookandlink.

ChannelKu is a hotel channel manager that allows you to save time, eliminate overbookings, and achieve more bookings. The software automatically updates the system with real-time information by connecting to local and international OTAs, allowing you to get the most out of your distribution channels.

Why does the hotel need ChannelKu?

  • Two ways simultaneous synchronization with all International and Local OTAs/Wholesaler
  • Connected with many Property Management Software
  • Rates multiplier and room allocation for separate channel
  • Local team support that worked as a hotelier before
  • Worked seamlessly with PayKu to capture and process virtual credit card details from OTA
  • Top 3 and the most affordable channel manager in the SEA region

More information: HERE

BookingKu – Direct Hotel Booking Engine

BookingKu by Bookandlink

BookingKu is a booking engine by Bookandlink

Every hotelier loves to have a direct booking. BookingKu is a platform that allows you to offer online booking capabilities to your hotel. With this booking engine integration, guests can book directly through your website, allowing them to choose dates and complete the booking based on availability and the rates displayed.

Here is the main features list of BookingKu

  • Multiple widgets available for the hotel’s website
  • Modern, fast and responsive
  • Promotions and Extras features that able to be booked independently
  • Multi Properties Reservation Page with filters for price range and location based
  • Meta Search Marketing connection (Google Hotel Ads, Trivago, Hotel Combined)
  • Connect with PayKu to collect payment via credit cards and the local payment system
  • No commission based and free if you subscribe to ChannelKu.

Find the details: HERE

Hotelku – Robust Front Office System

HotelKu by Bookandlink

HotelKu is a front office system created by Bookandlink

HotelKu is an affordable and easy-to-use front office system that helps you quickly manage all bookings, check-in/check-out processes and performance analytics. This cloud-based software can handle everything from online website reservations to walk-ins and tour agents. HotelKu is particularly useful for managing a small to medium number of rooms in a hotel chain with no premises.

This is the list of how HotelKu can benefit your hotel:

  • Drag & drop reservations chart calendar
  • Payment details for each reservation and connect with PayKu
  • Extra charges and expenses modules
  • Custom Invoices with the hotel’s logo
  • Multiple Group reservations with different dates
  • Security Logs access and Multiple users privileges.
  • Direct synchronization with Channel Manager and Booking Engine

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