Strategies to Overcome the Impact of Reservation Cancellation

The Hospitality Industry has changed dramatically since the emergence of the Covid-19 outbreak in recent months. There are policies made by the government in each country, including Indonesia. The presence in several cities has implemented large-scale community activities, thus creating limited community space. This includes traveling activities that are also temporarily inaccessible. This has an impact on the number of cancellations of travel plans, including cancellation of hotel reservations in Indonesia or even the whole world.

In addition to worrying about interactions with many people if they continue to travel, cleanliness, and security at the hotel can also be one of the reasons. For this purpose, BookandLink has several strategies that can be used to overcome the cancellation of reservations that are happening.

  • Room Acquisition Distribution
    The increasing cancellation of reservations during a pandemic is a situation that surely felt by the hotel industry. However, this can be overcome by continuing to provide and sell rooms for future reservations. Imagine if hotels have done manually that will not maximize the sale, for that you can use the free trial of channel manager to get support and increase sales.


  • Direct Reservations
    The importance of booking directly not only provides hotels from the commission given to online agents but also direct bookings through the website or hotel booking engine can also provide reservation facilities that can be offered to loyal guests of your hotel.


  • Right Price Setting
    Setting up and managing room prices can be the main thing the hotel thinks about during a crisis. The price reduction can be applied but keep in mind the surrounding conditions so that prices don’t decrease dramatically as needed and will have difficulty operating and can compete when the recovery starts.


  • Always Provide New Information
    Gaining the trust of potential customers or guests is certainly what you want as a hotel or property manager. Providing the latest information about the hotel and the area around hospitality will add interaction to guests, including activities such as cleaning and sterilizing the hotel for the purpose of environmental health and guests can also increase the attractiveness and trust of guests.