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Google Hotels; A New Way to Increase Revenue Through Direct Reservations

BookandLink has become a partner of Google Hotels for Booking Engine (BookingKu) users. This collaboration was developed in order to make it easier for hotel owners to manage room and maintain the Rate Parity which is taken through the hotel’s official website and can be compared with prices that appear from various sales channels. Interestingly, this product can drive more traffic and guests to make reservations directly through the hotel website itself. This of course can increase the hotel revenue. Google Hotel is now accessible to all hotel owners who have used the Booking Engine (BookingKu).

This new Google product provides many advantages for hotels, which indirectly increases the hotel marketing as well as the rate and inventory of hotel rooms more clearly visible. When the hotel has made arrangements in Google Hotels, BookandLink will immediately push the rates and room availability in real time. Only by having a Google Business account, hotel owners can operate it for free. This feature from Google can make a big difference to hotel room sales because it is taken from the official website or hotel booking engine without being charged a commission fee and guest searches for hotels can continue to increase.

To be listed on Google Hotel is very easy, the hotel only needs to register and manage property details; property name, contact number, official website, address, city, and zip code in Google Business, making it easier for owners to use Google Hotels. Don’t forget to check the source and tax & services on the reservation sourced from the Booking Engine. The process is simple and fast because it only takes a maximum of 1×24 hours for the hotel price to be listed on the Google Hotels page.