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Hotelier Insight – General Understanding of Guests Behavioral

Hotelier Insight is a compilation of Bookandlink’s team notes while meeting and brainstorming with their clients. In this first serial, we discuss what hoteliers think about guests’ behavioural psychology that influences their booking decisions. 


Discounted Room Rates

We met several hoteliers that put in discounted room rates for all years. They offer discounts ranging from 20% to 40%. There is no successful formula for the amount of the percentage. However, most of them agree that if the room rates are discounted by more than 40%, the prospecting guests could be more engaged because of the doubt about the quality. Except there are seasonal promotion campaigns such as Black Friday, 11.11, and many more.

Limit the guest’s choice

Try to limit the number of rate plans and offers on the internet booking engine. For promotion strategies, see our Direct Booking series for references.


Always Aim for Round Numbers

We know some prices, such as IDR 888,888, look excellent. But not for your visitor. Using the old-style three zeroes is always the best bet. Most of the guests only see the first digit of the prices, which indicates their budget.

Content is the king

An updated hotel picture with the latest picture can give confidence to the guests to book the room. They know what they’re expecting during their stay. Try to hire a professional to take the images with a professional camera. Do not forget to update new features or highlight new services in your hotel on the internet booking engine.

It’s Better to be a Little Bit Different than to be a Little Bit Better

Several of Bookandlink’s hotel partners are selling slightly different room types in their booking engine. The hotel partners say that’s their other strategy to beat OTA. They are combining two different rooms and selling them as a “family room”, which is very popular among family travellers.


Needs more insight and information? Contact our partnership team, and let’s go from there.