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9REATNESS in Bali: BookandLink’s Anniversary Blend of Growth, Community, and Joy

Congratulations are in order for BookandLink Hospitality Software, which recently celebrated its 9th anniversary with a spectacular three-day event in Bali, Indonesia, duly themed “9REATNESS” From August 30th to September 1st, 2023, team members from across the region—Thailand, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bali—converged to participate in a series of activities.

The celebration kicked off with a Townhall Meeting, a crucial gathering that served as a platform for dialogues around the company’s growth and future prospects. Conversations were not just cursory but dug deep into the very essence of what makes BookandLink tick. The team assessed every aspect of the operation to ensure it is not only functioning optimally but is also ready for upgrades that will make it the best system and service in its category. One could almost touch the electric atmosphere as team members discussed the readiness to go global.

Not content with just looking inward, the BookandLink team extended its efforts to the community with a Corporate Social Responsibility Beach Clean-Up event at Pantai Jerman, Kuta. This wasn’t just a one-off nod to social responsibility; it’s part of a long-standing monthly program the company proudly maintains. It’s all about walking the talk and making a tangible difference in the local environment.

Intermingled with these formal events were internal discussions involving all divisions of the company. The goal was clear: to share thoughts and feedback collaboratively. This exchange of ideas aimed to refine and elevate BookandLink to unmatched heights, not just within Indonesia but on the global stage as well.

The grand finale was a dinner around the breathtaking Kuta Beach on the closing day. It wasn’t just about savoring delicious food, but also about savoring the sense of unity and camaraderie that defines the company’s culture. As the team sang and danced the night away, they also celebrated their collective efforts and the road ahead, promising even greater achievements.

In essence, BookandLink’s 9th anniversary wasn’t just a milestone to be marked but an embodiment of the values, ambitions, and community spirit that have fueled the company’s journey so far. It set the stage for the incredible potential that lies ahead. As they say, onward and upward—BookandLink is ready for the world, and the world had better be ready for BookandLink.