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PayKu Payments – The Benefits of Hotel Pre-authorisations 

BookandLink has launched a payment feature, called PayKu Payments. Hotels can pre-authorize a guest’s cards in order to hold a sum of money for numerous reasons. When a pre-authorization occurs, this essentially means that the guest’s card issuer will enable the hotel to create a temporary charge to hold these funds, typically for seven days.

There are a few reasons why a hotel will want to place a pre-authorization on a guest’s card when staying at their hotel:

  1. Holding a sum of money for a security deposit, just in case the hotel must charge the guest for damage upon checkout
  2. Reserving a spot for an excursion or different on-site experiences (e.g. spa treatments, etc.)
  3. Ensuring the hotel is able to debit a no-show as stated within their terms & conditions
  4. Charges for room service or bar tabs and also covering the cost of the guest’s stay

The Benefit of Pre-authorisations for Hoteliers

Enabling your hotel to pre-authorize your guests with Payku can save and generate revenue for your hotel when aligned with the hotel’s booking terms and conditions. As long as the pre-authorizations are stated within the booking terms and conditions, the hotel can create pre-authorizations for a range of scenarios, such as:

  • Pre-authorizing a guest’s card before their excursion or tour in order to ensure that the guest will show up to the tour, otherwise, their card will be charged
  • Holding funds on a guest’s card before their arrival, for the first night of their stay can encourage the guest to comply with the booking terms and conditions
  • For the instances where the guest has room service charges during their stay, pre-authorizations can be handy. This will offer the security to verify the guest has the means of funds in their account before providing a service.


With PayKu, hotels are even able to create partial pre-authorizations. This means that if a guest’s card is pre-authorized for $100 and ends up breaking something in the room, they can retrieve a partial amount of the $100. The repair may cost a total of $49.99; with Payku, the hotel is allowed to partially pre-authorize and charge the guest that $49.99 without having to charge the whole amount of $100.


If you’d like to learn more about pre-authorizations or the other many benefits of BookandLink’s payment feature, Payku, please contact sales@bookandlink.com.

PayKu is powered by Kovena, the world’s first hotel-only payments solution.


Payment gateway is a transaction medium that authorizes online payment processes, such as credit cards, bank transfers, direct debits to e-wallet. BookandLink, which provides a Booking Engine system for direct reservations to hotels, also includes a payment gateway service in it. Every guest who makes a reservation via the website or booking engine will be easier to make transactions with many choices and hotels can make sales in various ways. To meet the needs of hotels in transactions, BookandLink has provided BookandLink Payment Gateway services, where hotels can use them directly without making the account or payment gateway account.

In addition, BookandLink makes it easy for all BNL Payment Gateway users to see the amount of money coming in and process funds withdrawals through a special panel that has been provided. If you want to use the BookandLink Payment Gateway, the hotel manager simply processes the request via email and the team will inform you of very affordable administrative fees for each transaction. After being processed and confirmed, the hotel manager can immediately take advantage of this program. Currently, BookandLink Payment Gateway can accommodate debit payments to credit card transactions from abroad.

Seeing the complex needs of hotels for Payment Gateways, BookingKu also provides several choices of Payment Gateway brands, including DOKU, Faspay, iPay88, Paypal, and most recently Xendit. Some of these Payment Gateways are already connected to BookingKu. Hotels only need to request via email, and the BookandLink team will survey confirming. In addition, the increasing interest of domestic guests in room reservations and the cashless situation has also become a concern for BookandLink to add an e-wallet option in it. Guests will be able to make payments via OVO, LinkAja, and Alfamart Group. More details about the cost and details of this connection can be found via email at sales@bookandlink.com.