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Rate Plan Hacks That Hotelier Need To Know

What is the Rate Plan? Booking.com says a rate plan is a label or category that organizes prices. An example is the non-refundable rate. Rate relation or derived rate plan: A rate relation, or derived rate plan, is a rate plan that acts as a child to a specific parent rate plan and can follow the parent rate plan as you specify.

In this blog, we will learn more about the rate plan. From our hotel partners, most of them use rate plans in ChannelKu in a very simple way. Our hotel partners in Kuta have two room categories: Superior and Deluxe.

They only created two rate plans for each room type in ChannelKu as Parent Rates. They are using Partial Refundable and Non-Refundable. Interestingly, when the rate plan is pushed into OTA, it gets eight rate plans for one room type. The hotel manager expanded the OTA rate plan using promotional tools such as Child Rates. The hotel’s promotions are Early Bird, Basic Discount (as baiter), Last Minute and Stay Pay Offers. Then each promotion will be Partial Refundable and Non-Refundable.

The hotel management decided to use this method because they’ll get highlighted automatically by OTA’s algorithm. They successfully stay in OTA recommendations when the guests search the hotel areas. They also minimized human error when uploading the correct rates because only two rate plans per room were sent to the OTA.

The tips that the hotel can share with you are:

  • Make it as simple as possible for the rate plan in .
  • Ensure you have attractive offers in the OTA.
  • Start to work using percentages instead of fixed amounts.

Meanwhile, the hotel keeps a similar strategy in to ensure that direct booking always comes through. They combined Google Booking Link and to secure their presence and payment.

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