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Beyond Borders: Tripla’s Strategic Collaboration with BookandLink to Reshape Asia Hospitality

BookandLink with Tripla Japan, September 2023 

Japan’s distinguished hospitality tech leader, Tripla, is set to elevate the hotel industry after strategically partnering with distribution solutions provider BookandLink. This collaborative leap aims to revolutionize the guest experience by weaving together the technological prowess of both firms

Tripla, acclaimed for its commitment to innovative solutions, has been steering the hospitality sector towards digital transformation with its robust tools. The “tripla Book” reservation engine, the “tripla Bot” AI chatbot, and the “TRIPLA Connect” CRM/marketing service are prime examples of its tech arsenal. Having carved a niche in Japan, Tripla is ardently eyeing East and Southeast Asia for its expansion, focusing on penetrating markets like Indonesia, where its collaboration with BookandLink is poised to be a game-changer.

What are the expectations for Bookandlink’s current and future clientele?

For our current clients in Southeast Asia and several hotels in other countries, we don’t expect significant changes. However, we anticipate advancements in both technology and services.

BookandLink, envisioned by the seasoned Philippe Raunet, has made notable strides in the IT and hospitality sectors. Their expertise lies in channel management and guest engagement technologies, complementing Tripla’s suite seamlessly. Their flagship service, “CHANNELKU,” bridges the gap between global online travel agents (OTAs) like Booking.com, Agoda, and Expedia and local giants such as Traveloka, Tiket and PegiPegi. Their recent alliance with Oracle’s OPERA Cloud accentuates their commitment to industry advancement.

Philippe Raunet, CEO of BookandLink, expressed, “Our collaboration with Tripla resonates perfectly with our foundational goal of equipping hoteliers with groundbreaking tools to enhance guest relations and profitability. As we witness the hospitality industry in regions like Indonesia metamorphosing in the post-COVID epoch, our unique position as a comprehensive solutions provider has garnered us immense trust amongst Indonesian hoteliers.”

Echoing the optimism, Kazuhisa Takahashi, Tripla’s CEO, stated, “Our mission is to empower hoteliers with cutting-edge technology, fortifying direct channels that stimulate profitable guest connections and loyalty. Merging with BookandLink broadens our horizons and sets the stage for unparalleled travel tech and distribution advancements.” This mutual vision forecasts a substantial increase in facility count. The transition plan for current BookandLink users to “Tripla Book” will magnify its functionalities, while BookandLink’s channel manager technology will fuel the “Tripla Channel,” locally and internationally. The acquisition intricacies involved a mix of liquid assets and Tripla equity, with both the Development Bank of Japan and Tripla absorbing ownership stakes in BookandLink.

Finally, this partnership is ready to revolutionize the hospitality technology landscape by presenting previously unheard-of solutions in a field that is constantly changing. Both teams are galvanized for the journey ahead, confident that their combined expertise will herald a new age for the industry, especially in the promising terrains of Asia.