Hotel Systems Become the Right Investment When Facing the Pandemic

Facing a crisis in the middle of a pandemic that is not yet known when it will end will make many industries rack their minds to maintain their business. One of the most affected industries is the hospitality which has begun to reduce or even temporarily close its property operations. BookandLink makes hotel systems an appropriate tool or investment to maintain business continuity in the midst of a crisis. Why?

The number of reports circulating about the state of tourism and hospitality in the world, making many parties overwhelmed to handle it. Cancellation of reservation is also unavoidable when government policy asks to close some or even all access to travel outside the city and country. However, despite this situation, the importance of the hotel management to maintain and continue to update information about conditions that occur is still needed. Some properties have survived by looking at future developments that will occur by using hotel systems that are connected to hotel operations. Although some hotels apply for work from home, with this hotel system, everything can be solved. The hotel system in subjects such as the front office system, channel manager, and website for direct reservation.

These three products are arguably systems that can be relied upon in running a hotel business. For example a hotel listed in OTAs, wholesalers, and offline agents will certainly be overwhelmed and frightened to not be optimal in selling room inventory. Investment in hotel systems during this pandemic can continue to work optimally to follow up on canceling reservations and replacing them by reselling rooms. In addition, commission policies from different OTAs are considered, therefore an alternative to direct sales channels is needed, namely booking engines. Usually the booking engine no longer charges fees on incoming reservations.

When the pandemic ends, the hotel will face a recovery period which of course the traveling trend will gradually grow. To prepare it, hotel systems, such as channel managers will continue to work to distribute inventory prices and manage thee extensive revenue. The hotel can also monitor the development and growth of its business by setting prices and preparing promotional strategies with Calendar within a period of months to 1 year.

In addition, the hotel system can also provide complete reports on operations so that the owner or manager can still monitor the situation of the property. Through the hotel system, the manager can continue to update information for guests regarding the situation that occurs in the hotel, where interaction and communication are important in order to maintain the trust of guests.

This advantage is what BookandLink means by proper investment because by using the hotel system, all operational activities and communications to guests will continue to be conveyed. BookandLink has a variety of service options for managing reservations, operations, and digital marketing to increase hotel room sales. By a local team that will help to operate the system as well as addressing problems with the system, BookandLink also has a very affordable offer without reducing the quality of the hotel system.

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