Hotelier Insight: How Hotel Can Generate Extras Revenue

The holiday season is the most critical time of year for tourism in Indonesia. Most domestic travellers take advantage of religious vacations to carry out their travel plans. Simply put, we went to a few hotels and asked them how they were getting ready for the holidays.



The majority of hotels believe that the holiday season is a time best spent with family. Through BookingKu, they are increasing their revenue to its full potential by developing “Family Packages.” Additionally, long weekends are a popular time to book this package.

Most hoteliers intend to raise their “Average Daily Rate” by expanding their selection of vacation packages. The package is not just an increase in the number of occupants but a price increase simultaneously. Some hotel owners go above and beyond by including perks like meals and drinks in their rates.



Hotels, whether they cater to business travellers or vacationers, sell more than just rooms. Utilizing the hotel’s outlets or facilities, such as restaurants, spas, transportation, or coffee shops, can generate ancillary revenue. This type of revenue can be used for a variety of purposes.

Hotels close to an airport, bus station, or train station may offer pick-up services for an extra fee. One of our employees is taking a business trip. He arrives in the early morning at the destination. Thankfully, as an additional complimentary service, the hotel provides pick-up options for its guests. Because he wanted to arrive without complications, he made the reservation in advance.

Since he was staying with one of our hotel partners, he helped the hotel set up the pickup service in BookingKu. Now the hotel generates additional revenue and combines the pickup services with the packages.

From today onward, people are familiar with the internet and booking engines. That’s why most hoteliers suggest to other hoteliers to increase their awareness of direct booking and how to maximise their revenue.

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