Direct Booking Series: Free Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing is one of the most important aspects of a successful hotel operation. It allows hotels to leverage the power of digital channels and data-driven insights to reach their target audience and convert them into guests.

In essence, digital marketing allows a hotel to quickly identify who they need to reach, what messaging works best, and how they can engage these prospects on their desired channels in an effective manner. By utilizing advanced analytics, hotels can better track results and make informed decisions on future strategies, ensuring that their guests enjoy an optimized online experience at every step of their journey.


We will share one of the kind free digital marketing efforts that hotels can do easily. What kind of activity for through-the-line marketing is helpful to the hotel?


Google Hotel Ads

Google Hotel Ads now allows hotels to run campaigns. There are two methods that they offer: paid and non-paid ads. 

Paid ads make hotels fight OTAs with a big budget to override competitors, including the hotel itself. In brief, non-paid ads themselves can help hotels increase direct bookings.


Non-paid ads have a two-way method: commission-based and fixed fees. Bookandlink, the fixed costs help hotels much more than the commission-based model. Our hotel partner says they bring in more money instead of relying on a commission-based model. They also said fixed fees are the best because they can focus on attracting new potential customers and booking them directly.


Hotels can sign up for Bookandlink’s “Google Hotel Ads” feature to show their prices on the Google Hotel Ads platform. You can click the button below to contact our support and join Google Hotel Ads.

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A hotel should consider how it sets its prices for Google Hotel Ads. Based on our survey, hotels can get more bookings from Google Hotel Ads if they have slightly lower prices than other third parties (OTAs).




Remarketing is when a hotel tries to get in touch with guests who have shown interest in its services. It lets ads for a particular hotel appear on other websites a guest visits. For example, if a guest visits a hotel’s website but doesn’t book a room, they might see ads for that hotel on other websites they visit. They intend to return to their initial interest and complete the reservation. And it is effective. Retargeted website visitors have a 70% higher chance of making a purchase.

One of the best things about remarketing is that you can surround potential customers with commission-based ads to remind them of your hotel’s brand. Why is remarketing based on commission and not fixed fees? This method needs more effort to display the ads across all channels. If hotels use a fixed cost model, the probability of going over budget is higher, and the hotel may not be able to attract guests who cancel their reservations.


💡 Bookandlink has a new ” Retargeting ” feature that works with multiple ad agencies that can show your hotels on many channels on the internet. It will also provide analytic data to see how your brand engages with your guests. Furthermore, you can see data on the country, region, devices and many more from the individual interested in your hotel.


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