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The Advantages of Hotel Direct Booking Introduction

Nowadays, most hotels have websites, social media accounts, and online booking systems. These have given hotels the self-assurance they require to market to clients and even offer clients incentives to book directly through the hotel’s website. When trying to fill empty rooms in your hotel, having guests book directly with you can be better than using OTAs.

The following are some benefits of making direct hotel reservations:

The hotel can manage room allocation and provide better room rates.

By putting together and , hotels can quickly tell the difference between the rates for direct bookings and those for OTAs. You have plenty of leeway as a hotelier to experiment with different pricing strategies and room rates. For example, you could only offer a discount on the price of a room to people who book directly with you.

When the demand in the area is high, hotels can control their room allocation can stop selling on OTA when a certain number of rooms is reached. On the other hand, hotels can make the most money by combining dynamic pricing with a rate multiplier.

Incentives for direct bookers

When your customers book their rooms directly with you, you and the rest of your hotel team are responsible for ensuring they have a good time, starting with the booking site and going through the hotel. These responsibilities are no longer the job of online travel agencies (OTAs) or other sales channels. Additionally, guests who book their accommodations directly through you are more likely to provide feedback and reviews regarding their stay. You will be able to better control the experience of your guests with the help of these reviews.

For example, if the hotel sells the rooms at parity rates between OTAs and IBE, the hotel can add other perks as incentives to the guests. Most favorite perks are massage, airport transfers, and F&B credit.

Eliminating OTA commissions can boost hotel profits.

Some hotels need a booking engine on their website or social media pages. Instead, these hotels rely entirely on online travel agencies (OTAs) to fill their empty rooms and profit from their business. When this happens, hotel owners have to pay commissions to OTAs for the services they provide. When hoteliers integrate booking systems on their website and social media pages and encourage their guests to book directly from their website, they can save more money and increase their revenue because they won’t be paying OTA commissions anymore. Direct booking gives hotels more freedom to add more ways to book on their website and social media pages.