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Understanding the Operations of Our Hotel Solutions

Bookandlink is a one-stop system hospitality software cloud-based. We encourage the completeness of our system features to manage your properties ; hotels, vacation rentals, chains, hospitality management anywhere and anytime.

Save your time and leverage your revenue by using simple and comprehensive platform access.

Why Choose Bookandlink Solutions


Effortless Management

Simplify operations effortlessly with Bookandlink's user-friendly interface.

Flexible Integration

Easily integrate BookandLink into your systems for a seamless workflow.

Safety and Security

Rest easy knowing that Bookandlink prioritizes the safety and security of your data.

Versatile Solutions

From hotels to rentals, Bookandlink provides diverse solutions for your success.

3000+ customers grow with Bookandlink

Exploring BookandLink Solutions


Channel Manager

Tool for managing sales through online distribution channels in order to grow the hotel business and keep away the overbooking.

    Key Benefits
  • Linked Rate Plans Automatic Updates
  • Instant Log Updates
  • Channel Rates Multiplier

Booking Engine

Our Booking Engine works by connecting to your hotel’s website and processing assured online reservations made over your website.

    Key Benefits
  • Modern, fast and responsive
  • Multiple Properties Reservation Page
  • Report and Analytic

Front Office System

Software that give front desk management the ability to increase their operating efficiency and add different tasks.

    Key Benefits
  • Check-in/Check-out Forecast
  • Multiple Reports & Graph
  • Easy Drag & Drop Reservations Chart Calendar


Capture and Charge Guest’s Credit card at any steps of the Reservation and from any Sources: whether from the Direct Bookings, from the OTAs.

    Key Benefits
  • No setup fees or monthly fees
  • All Payments can be done via a single solution
  • VCC Payment Acceptance
  • Send payment requests anytime

Review Management

Collect, organize, and respond to feedback from various sources. No more sifting through different sites or apps. Everything you need is right here.

    Key Benefits
  • Directly Engage with Your Audience
  • Simplify Your Review Process
  • Unified Dashboard for Effortless Review Management

Point of Sales

Storeku are Point of Sales parts or software that can be added to your actual Bookandlink configuration to increase its capabilities.

    Key Benefits
  • Stock Alert Feature
  • Comprehensive Sales Reports
  • Room Charge Integration
  • Multi-Merchant Functionality
  • Automated Transaction Recording

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Frequently Asked Questions

A channel manager is a tool that allows you to manage your property's availability and rates across multiple online distribution channels in real-time. It helps prevent overbooking, ensures rate parity, and saves time by centralizing your property management.

A channel manager help your online distribution better, making it easier to manage bookings from various channels like OTAs, travel websites, and your own website. It minimizes the risk of overbookings and ensures your inventory and rates are consistently updated across all platforms.

BookandLink's channel manager provides real-time inventory updates, rate synchronization, and seamless integration with various booking channels. It also offers reporting tools, analytics, and easy-to-use interfaces for efficient management.

Yes, BookandLink is designed to integrate seamlessly with various PMS solutions, ensuring efficient workflow for your property management.

Dynamic pricing, offered as an add-on by BookandLink, allows you to adjust your room rates based on demand, market conditions, and competitor pricing. This helps maximize revenue by optimizing your pricing strategy in real-time.

A rate shopper is a tool that monitors and analyzes competitor pricing across different channels. With BookandLink's rate shopper, you can stay informed about market trends, adjust your rates accordingly, and stay competitive in the industry.

BookandLink's Review Management tool helps you monitor and respond to guest reviews across various platforms. By actively engaging with reviews, you can improve guest satisfaction, build a positive online reputation, and attract more bookings.

Yes, BookandLink offers a trial period for you to experience the features and benefits of our channel manager and other services. Contact our sales team at sales@bookandlink.com to get started.

Absolutely! BookandLink provides dedicated customer support to assist you with any questions or issues. Our support team is available via email, phone, or through our online support portal every day.

To subscribe to BookandLink's services, visit our website at web.bookandlink.com or reach out to our sales team at sales@bookandlink.com. We'll guide you through the subscription process and help customize a plan that suits your property's needs.

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