Serviceku - E-Commerce Virtual Team
Serviceku - E-Commerce Virtual Team

E-Commerce Virtual Team

Review management tool that empowers properties to gather, organize, and respond to reviews from various sources, all within a suitable and intuitive dashboard.

Why Serviceku?

OTAs Registration Assistance

OTAs Registration Assistance

Serviceku takes care of the entire OTA registration process on behalf of your hotel. Gain access to multiple online travel platforms seamlessly.

E-Commerce Expertise

E-Commerce Expertise

Leverage the expertise of our e-commerce Virtual Team to distribute rooms and prices strategically. Benefit from personalized suggestions for the best promotion strategies tailored to your hotel's needs.

Access to BookandLink System

Access to BookandLink System

Enjoy full access to the BookandLink system, empowering you with a comprehensive suite of tools to manage your hotel efficiently.

About Serviceku

Welcome to ServiceKu, an invaluable service provided by BookandLink designed to reduce concerns about your property's online growth.

Our dedicated E-commerce Virtual Team is here to support you every step of the way, from OTAs registration assistance to daily reporting. Say goodbye to worries, and let us drive your online success.

ServiceKu is an additional offering from BookandLink designed to assist properties with various needs such as Online Travel Agents (OTAs), website building, and virtual ecommerce support.

Absolutely! You've come to the right place. Before helping you connect with OTAs, we'll guide you through the registration process with platforms like Booking.com, Traveloka, Expedia, Tiket.com, and more.

We provide a virtual team that assists you with daily ecommerce activities. From crafting price strategies to setting up enticing promotions on OTAs, we ensure you capitalize on every opportunity to sell your rooms.

The pricing varies depending on the services you choose, but rest assured, it's affordable. Simply contact our Sales Team at sales@bookandlink.com for more information.

How It Works

OTAs Registration Assistance

Provide necessary information: Share essential details about your hotel with our Serviceku team..

Registration process: Our team takes care of the OTAs registration process on your behalf.

Access granted: Gain full access to your OTAs accounts once the registration is complete.

E-Commerce Management

Strategic distribution: Our Ecommerce Virtual Team ensures proper distribution of rooms and prices across various online channels..

Promotion strategy: Receive personalized suggestions for the best promotion strategies, maximizing your hotel's visibility and revenue potential.

Access BookandLink System

Seamless onboarding: Connect with our Serviceku team for a seamless onboarding experience..

Full system access: Enjoy full access to the BookandLink system to streamline your hotel management processes.

What Serviceku Users are Saying

Overall the BookandLink system is simple, easy to use, and very helpful. Always provide updates and can continue to develop the system.

The Daha Luxury Resort and Spa

The Daha Team

Management Team

Bali, Indonesia

Our personalized services, from virtual e-commerce team to website creation are tailored to your requirements

Simply let us know your needs, and we'll be your best hospitality partner.

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